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Welcome to Cool Science Club!

We're an engaging summer program that teaches kids how to be detectives and solve a mystery!

  • Programs available for kids enterting K - exiting  5th grade

  • Use science and technology to solve a mystery

  • Learn from experts including real detectives and scientists

  • Hands-on activties in the community

  • Open to ALL kids from the Greater Boston area!

Now accepting signups for the 2024 Program!

The Mystery of the Missing Marvel Comic

Who stole that Marvel Comic from the Hall and Sullivan Law Office?

At the end of the Mystery of the Missing Marvel Comic week, your child will have participated in all aspects of solving a mystery. They will  experience what it feels like to investigate a "crime" from A-Z, and what it feels like to use their logic and creativity to solve this mystery!

At the end of another week, your child will learns about what makes things Pop! Fizz! and Fly! A physics lesson or chemistry lab will have them trying experiments at  CSC and at home, encouraging curiosity, and explaining the science behind what happened! They will finish the Cool Science Club excited about science and wanting to do more!

Space is limited - sign up now to reserve your spot!

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What Parents Are Saying About Cool Science Club

"My two children loved Cool Science Club, and my kids want to spread the word and tell their friends! We had never heard about it, and it is the best kept secret! They had a great time every day and enjoyed the mystery themes."
My two children loved Cool Science Club, and my kids want to spread the word and tell their friends! We had never heard about it, and it is the best kept secret! They had a great time every day and enjoyed the mystery themes.
My son really enjoyed CSC so much and came home every day happy. He loved the teachers and Mike the engineer. He made some really nice new friends.
Our daughter absolutely loved the science only positive comments about it. She said that she understood the science stuff; the hands-on activities; had fun, and she loved the teachers. We would definitely signup again! Thank you.
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About Cool Science Club

Does your child like to ask questions? Is your child curious about their world around them? Do you want your child to love learning through real-world experiences? Then Cool Science is for your child! 


The Cool Science Club provides fun, hands-on, experiment-driven STEM programs that offer kids an opportunity to dig deeper into their world and enrich the way they look at it. We offer after-school programs in Spring and Fall and a 2 week full-day Summer program during July. 

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See Our Past Programs

Cool Science Club has solved some pretty incredible mysteries, visited some amazing places in the Greater Boston area, and most importantly, has had a LOT of fun over the last 18 years! See our past programs here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Just email us or call us!

(781) 910-7157

What ages is this program for? 

CSC provides a variety of integrated differentiated activities for children enterting K through exiting  5th grade. Students will be placed with their friends as much as possible. The detectives are in groups of 10-12 based on age with at least one creative, dedicated, knowledgeable  teacher and a counselor. We also have specialists come and visit during the week to engage students in STEAM activities.

Who runs the program? 

The staff is composed of experienced classroom teachers and high school counselors who enjoy working with children. 

Enrollment is limited this summer to 35-40 students. In this case, one director, five teachers will be needed. Four- Five high school counselors will be hired; and a tech person/registrar will be needed. 

Where is Cool Science Club?

Our home base is McCall Middle School in Winchester, MA. We have 2- 4 classrooms; a technology area; and a large presentation room for guest presenters. We will also eat lunch and have recess outside - weather permitting. Team building activities occur at the Lincoln school. We encourage kids from all over the Greater Boston area to join - this program is NOT limited to just Winchester residents!

Contact Us

Thanks for visiting our page! If you would like to know more about Cool Science Club, please get in touch - you can use the contact form or email us directly. Check our Facebook page for regular updates on our programs!

Winchester, MA 01890, USA

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